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HELYX Saint Petersburg

The structure of the company consists of the group of companies united by corporate relations and obligations. It has own production areas and a spread network of the trade agencies in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The company has modern production base and sites, located in Estonia and Russia. The articles produced are in compliance with the international requirements to the glass-fibre plastics.

The production is located in Moscow Region in Klin (production area is 7,600 sq. m). At present the design of the new plant is ongoing with widening of the production area to 10,000 sq. m.

The production is performed in close cooperation, under patronage and control of the advanced Western companies, specializing in the production of composite materials, including glass-fibre plastics.

The company applies the modern European materials and technologies from the world leaders (Ashland - polyether non-saturated resins; Derakane - epoxy-vinyl-ether resins; Owenscorning - glass materials). The monitoring of the production quality is performed in the production laboratories and supplier laboratories in Germany and Finland. Technological process is performed at the specialized equipment produced in the USA, Germany, France and Japan.

Today our trade mark is represented at all the important exhibitions in Russia. In cooperation with the Western partners the company specialists take part in the exhibitions in Paris, Munich and Beijing, where the issues are discussed regarding the implementation of the new advanced technologies to the production of the glass-fibre plastic articles.

The company performs the development of standard documents for standardization of the equipment in accordance with GOST and technical regulations for the articles of glass-fibre plastic in Russia.

At present the company has developed and implemented the interregional standards and pricing for installation of the container equipment.

Production capacity of the company as of 2012

Over 4,000 articles produced.

Main advantages of our equipment

  • Automated production with application of the most modern technologies allows to produce the highest quality products within the shortest times, ensure high durability, reliability and longevity of the articles produced.
  • Availability of the mobile process equipment allows to produce the containers of big volume (under 10,000 cub. m) directly at the customer's sites. There are no analogues to this in Russia.
  • The most modern equipment is used for performance of welding works of the internal pipelines of the sever pump stations (SPS) and collectors of the pressure increase stations. During the conduction of works the orbital welding and cold shaping equipment is used for shaped sections of pipelines and collectors. The application of such equipment in this sphere also has no analogues in Russia.

Application of the special technologies allowed to perform the seismic resistance testing and obtain positive results with the confirmation document on the possibility to apply our equipment in the areas the seismic activity of 7-9 points MSK-64

The equipment produced under TM Helyx

  • Sever pump stations; at diameters from 1,000 mm to 3,600 mm - 4,200 mm and above (under 25,000 mm), with the pump group; with the automation and control systems.
  • Fire containers and tanks; with capacity of under 100-120 cub. m in the single casing. Containers under 10,000 cubic metres shall be produced at the Customer's site.
  • Containers; for collection and storage of various liquids.
  • Chemically resistant containers; for storage and transportation of aggressive liquids (acids, alkali, etc.)
  • Fuel tanks; for storage of diesel fuel.
  • Containers for accumulating of potable waters; under 100 cubic metres.
  • Equipment for cleaning of the surface runoff;
  • sand separators,
  • oil and petrol separators
  • sorption post-treatment units with sorption load.

Delivery set provides making in separate and single cases.

  • Ultra-violet disinfection units
  • Vortex separators
  • Wells; distribution, water-intake, control
  • Water-measurement accounting nodes; with accounting, automation and control systems.
  • Fat separators; of vertical and horizontal make. With environment separation sensors.
  • Septics and collection tanks; for the independent sever systems.

Main fibre-glass pipes of TM Helyx

  • diameters 500-2,000 mm
  • maximum length of the 1st pipe – 12,000 mm.
  • SN -5000. SN10000. SN15000
  • PN1. PN6. PN10. PN16

In 2011 the company purchased the equipment from the SumiLon factory, Japan, which was previously located in Vsevolzhsk district of Leningrad region. The entire set of production, process and tesing equipment for production of the main pipes of glass-fibre plastic has been purchased. The equipment has been commissioned. All the pipe batches have passed special process testing for hydraulic, physical and mechanical loads. By now the sanitization of the municipal collector section in Nizhniy Novgorod with length of 500 m has been performed. Diameter of collector is 2,400 mm, diameter of pipes for sanitization is 2,000 mm. The supply of the following pipes has been performed: diameter of 1,400 mm with total length of 700 m to Moscow; to Sochi for the sledge and luge track 100 and 200 m long with diameter of 1,400 mm; Saint Petersburg: diameters 1,200 mm// 1,400 mm// 600 mm// with total length of 2,000 m and to the other facilities in Russia.

Increased volume containers. With diameters of 3,600-4,200 mm and above to 25,000 mm

Increased volume containers with diameters of over 3,600 mm are produced at the customer's facility with application of vertical winding equipment. At present the equipment for fire fighting station in Domodedovo airport has been produced and installed. Station diameter is 6,000 mm with height of 5,600 mm.

Auxiliary equipment;

Our company supplies the equipment and ships the pump equipment separately.

  • Automation, alarm and control systems.
  • pumps

Standard documents;

The equipment has the following certificates:

  • Certificates of compliance
  • Sanitary and epidemiological opinions
  • Seismic resistance certificate (technical report and opinion)
  • Admission for the application of equipment in the increased danger facilities

Facilities, where the equipment of TM Helyx is applied, are located in Russia. Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Krasnodar, Murmansk, Emanzhelinsk, Ufa, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Sochi, Petrozavodsk, Iturup island and many other cities. The equipment is also shipped to Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Brief list of facilities;

  • Post of Russia (Moscow)
  • Domodedovo airport (Moscow)
  • Vnukovo airport (Moscow)
  • Danon factory (Moscow region)
  • Volkswagen factory (Kaluga)
  • Nissan factory (Saint Petersburg)
  • Ford factory (Saint Petersburg)
  • General Motors factory (Saint Petersburg)
  • Hyundai factory (Saint Petersburg)
  • Equestrian complex Novy Vek (Novo-Rizhskoe highway, Moscow)
  • Cottage neighbourhood “Park Vill” (Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, Moscow)
  • Naval officer assembly with the Government of the Russian Federation (Saint Petersburg, Krestovsky island)
  • Belt highway KAD, continuation of Piskarevsky avenue (Saint Petersburg)
  • KRAFT-FOODS factory (Saint Petersburg, production area Gorelovo)
  • Terminal Container Ships (Leningrad region, Yanino town).
  • RZhD base (Metallostroy)
  • Vodokanal of Saint Petersburg (Main SPS in Shushary)
  • Gazpromneft (Arkhangelsk)
  • TRK Slovatsky Dom (Saint Petersburg)
  • Construction base Materik (Saint Petersburg)
  • Boiler station in production area Parnas (Saint Petersburg)
  • Warehouse terminal in Ulyanovka (Leningrad region)
  • Port of Ust-Luga (Leningrad region)
  • Sanitization of municipal collector (Nizhniy Novgorod)
  • Formula 1 facility (Moscow region, Volokolamsk)
  • Western high-speed diameter ZSD (Saint Petersburg)
  • Sasovo airport (Ryazan)
  • Pig-breeding complex (Velikoluksky)
  • Road Kukovka – Drevlyanka (Karelia)
  • And many other facilities, including those located in Kazakhstan.

The companies we cooperate and build with:

Union of the composite material producers. Russian interregional union of designers.

KG Best, Santekhmontazh Severo Zapad LLC, Diamit PKF, Spetsstroy 303 LLC, Rosecostroy engineering LLC, SMU-303, Design and engineering company of Ust-Luga, etc.

Design organizations; Lenaeroproekt, Lengiproinzhproekt, NIPI TRPI, Inzhcomproekt, ISMA, Plastomer OJSC, Ecoprom, Peterburgskie Seti, INProektRechTrans and many others.

Using the filament winding technology, we provide the high durability, reliability and longevity of our products. In combination with our vast production experience we ensure that You purchase high-quality and reliable articles.